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Our Story

My journey starts back in 2006. I first created my BBQ sauce recipe after we ran out of product in the retirement community that I worked in.  The residents really loved it, so I started making more!

After years of people asking me to make them a batch of sauce or to buy a bottle of sauce from me, I decided to get my product on the market!

On March 30, 2019, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some of the funds to get the project moving.  21 days into our 45 day campaign (April 19th), I was getting scared and nervous. We were only at 10% of our total goal. That's when Facebook and community came in strong! Word got out of our start up and donations started to come in! By the 29th day of the campaign (April 27th) WE WERE FULLY FUNDED!

By the end of our 45 day campaign, on May 9th 2019, we were 172% FUNDED!!!!

After about a year of further commercial development and finding a manufacture to produce the product for me, we were able to launch the all-natural version of my sauce, commercially in April of 2020!